1974 - graduated from secondary school # 8 in Smolensk.

1974-1979 - Smolensk State Pedagogical Institute, School of History and English Language, obtained Diploma of Teacher of History and English Language.

1985-1988 - Postgraduate studies at Moscow State Pedagogical Institute, Department of Ancient and Medieval History. In November, 1988 defended candidate dissertation titled "Religious and Political struggle in the middle and the second half of the IV century A.D. in the Roman empire (based on the materials of the works of Ambrose of Milan)".

1994-1998 - several computer courses at the Smolensk Humanitarian University, some non-credit courses at the Catholic University of America.

June, 2003 - defended dissertation titled "Christianization of the Roman Empire in the IVth century" at Moscow State University and achieved a degree of Doctor of Historical Sciences.

2003-2005 - took part in several seminars and training on Public Relations, net projects, granting process etc., completed to distant (on-line) corses on pedagogical principles of creating an electronic textbook (Eidos) and on management of system of distant education (Moscow Institute of Economics and Mathematics).

2011 - advanced training at the Smolensk State University on the program "Competency building approach to the professional training"

2011 - academic rank of Professor

2016 - advanced training at the Smolensk State University on the program of distant education Moodle