Priorities in favor of General History in my research activity were formed during my studies at the Institute, when I worked on my term paper on "one hundred days" of Napoleon (scientific advisor E.P.Sevruk) and a little bit later on my term paper on aesthetic views of Edgar A. Poe (scientific advisor I.N.Nemanov). A considerable role in my inclination towards foreign history played the department of English language headed by L.I. Nikolskaya. And the devotion to the antiquities was cultivated by E.A. Schmidt and being with him in two archeological expeditions.

However the real way to science started, when I met in September of 1983 the chairman of the Department of Ancient History of Moscow State University Professor V.I. Kuzishin. He has been my scientific for more than 20 years. During these years the areas of my research interest were defined: History of Ancient Rome - the Roman Empire - Late Antiquity - Early Christianity - religious and political struggle - Christianization of the Roman Empire.

Since 1983 I started my research of life and works of St. Ambrose of Milan. My Candidate dissertation was based on his writings, and in 1995 I published a book "Bishop and Empire", dedicated to Ambrose and his epoch. The problems of history of the Roman empire in the IV century captivated me so, that researched them obsessively during two visits on scientific exchange programs to the Catholic University of America, in the libraries of Moscow and in the Internet. I could gather and process a lot of various materials and this made it possible to embrace a wider problem of "Christianization of the Roman Empire in the IV century". In the end of 2002 I published a monograph on this topic, and in June of 2003 I defended Doctoral dissertation.

Besides dissertations and monographs I have published over 60 articles on various aspects of history of the Roman Empire and Ancient Christianity, and also on some IT and educational problems.

During the last few years, due to the cooperation with the Smolensk Theological Seminary of Russian Orthodox Church, I take part in the project called "Following the Steps of Saint Apostles", which assumes visiting of the Mediterranean countries aiming at the examination of Christian antiquities.