Smolensk State University

History of State and Law
Constitutional Law of Foreign Countries
Modern Concepts of State and Civil Society
Religious Studies
History of World religions
Christianization of the Roman Empire
Ethnical and Confesional Conflicts in Modern World

Smolensk Theological Seminary of Russian Orthodox Church

History of Religions

Previous years:

Smolensk State University (Pedagogical Institute until 1998):

History of Ancient Greece and Rome
Modern History
History of Ancient Christianity
History of State and Law of Ancient World
History and Culture of the Italian Cities
Comparative Studies in Constitutional Law

Smolensk Humanitarian University:

History of State and Law
History and Theory of Religions

Smolensk seminary:

Hisrtory of Ancient Rome
The World of Antiquity and Early Christianity

Catholic University of America (Washington, DC):

History of Ancient Rome

University of Bialystok (Poland):

Democracy and the Constitutional Law